Hello there, I'm Freud, the co-creator of the Spirit Pact with Afrien. I'm taking a break from work so I set this little ask-blog up. Feel free to ask away if you have any questions. I'll try to answer your questions to the best of my abilities!

(Ask-blog for the character Freud from Maple Story)


I drink tea with my top hat and monocle on.

-Switched body!Freud 3/5-

As you can see, I am stuck in Phantom’s body. I think I’m going to mess around as Phantom.

-Switched body!Freud 2/5-

-Switched body!Freud 1/5-

Very funny anon.

-Switched body!Freud 0/5-

I think she would be very beautiful and demanding like her mother.

Uhhh… Who do you think you are coming through my window? You’re no Phantom…

I mean, pirates have a crew and are more likely to work in a team than ninjas, who have a higher chance of stealth by being alone.

I’ll have to go with pirates because I quite like working in a team!

Ninjas are cool too though.

Oh my goodness…

Asker Anonymous Asks:
are you dead?
askfreud askfreud Said:

No, I have been busy.


((yeaah… Musical theatre (Hairspray!) and academics are taking control of my life. It’s technical week this week and then show time! After Hairspray is over, I’ll have more time but then there’s finals and the AP exams.))